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Deconstruction helped a motel secure over $200,000 in tax benefits. How much can you save?



read how deconstruction saves hotels and motels over $200,000 in taxes

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Are you about to renovate your property? Don't know what to do with excess furniture and fixtures? Now is the time to think about Deconstruction, where old furniture and fixtures are taken down, repurposed, and reused for another construction project.

The value of the deconstructed materials in your property is tax deductible, which can significantly lower the cost of your project. 

One of our recent clients was a motel owner who performed a brand conversion. In our case study, you will learn:

  • How they saved over $200,000 in taxes
  • Which nonprofit organizations accepted their old furnishings
  • The owners almost didn't do a Deconstruction project to begin with.

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